Exterior Painting
& Decorating

A painted home exterior is one the first impressions a homeowner has to make on family and friends.

If you hire an incompetent painting contractor who takes short cuts with your exterior you could spend thousands of pounds, not to mention the cost of inevitably contracting another to correct the problems.

IATD has been hired many times to resolve problems created when poor performance by other painters resulted in the premature falling of the paint.

Even more so than the interior, ensuring proper preparation is so important to prolonging the life of your homes paint.

Spending a bit more money for a better quality acrylic exterior paint is always recommended,

but if the preparation under that surface is subpar, you may also use white wash as your finish. You must ensure that you choose your painter carefully when contracting for the exterior of your home…choose wrong and you will bear the extra costs.

This problem does not exist when you hire  IATD Bespoke Decorating the first time. You will not regret one moment!

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Repair of the exterior

  • Stucco repair
  • Preparation and painting window encasement
  • Fascia, soffit and eave repair
  • Deck repair, stain and waterproof
  • Wood shutters and siding
  • Restorative stripping and preparation

Painting and staining

  • Prime coating, sanding and scraping
  • Concrete, Stucco
  • Wood, composite and vinyl siding
  • Wood and vinyl shutters
  • Staining and sealing fences and decks
  • Fascia, soffits and eaves
  • Wood deck paint, stain and waterproof
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